• Global Project Cargo Management and “Door-to-Door” Services.
  • Ocean and Air Freight forwarding services through our global network of associates.
  • Freight forwarding of domestic cargoes on “Door-to-Door” basis.
  • Insurance and Consultancy services to provide seamless insurance services and efficient transportation methodology, specially for heavy lift cargo, including route survey and route selection.
  • Warehousing, Cargo Consolidation, export packing and re-packing at warehouses or at clients’ dispatching units.
  • In-plant logistics to the manufacturing units for most effective and efficient handling of in-bound and out bound cargo.
  • Third country logistics operation to provide shifting of plant and equipments as part of relocation which includes overseas inland operation and ocean freight forwarding.
  • Customs House Agency at major air and seaports.

Global Project Management

Ruby Infralogistics manages every aspect of logistics during a project's span, from the time when purchase orders are placed with each worldwide supplier through to the delivery of the shipment to its final destination.

Projects are often composed of:

Ruby along with its group companies has a long history of working with well-known qualified independent associates with proven project expertise and credentials. Our associates are among the top freight forwarding companies in Canada, Germany, France and far-east Japan. Employees in office in CALGARY, EDMONTON, TORANTO, SAN FRANCISCO, CYPRUS, DUBAI and QUITO manage global logistics. Our group is the industry leader in freight logistics to the CIS, where the company has been actively involved in shipments of project cargoes since long and has completed projects. Some of our associates are established as old as in 1872. We have deployed efficient system of co-operation with river and sea shipping companies, ports, railways, road carrier and terminals.

The Project Teams of Ruby has proven experience in managing all facts of a project's requirements. A thorough analysis of all modes of specialized equipment are made and reviewed with the client, and final bookings are negotiated and confirmed.

Our staff-officers offer a proven track record of on-site shipment management. Project Managers travel to worldwide locations to ensure successful execution of the shipments.

General Forwarding Services

Our skilled and experienced team manages our clients' international logistics in the following ways:

Handle worldwide commodity shipments ranging from power project consignment, equipment, telecommunications and products to office equipment and specialized cargo including mining equipment, steel plant equipments.

Provide clients with complete familiarity of documents for any country in the world. We prepare draft documents for clients prior to the shipment to ensure the format and content are correct, expediting the shipment delivery to the final site.

Offer import, export and worldwide shipment expertise.

We provide total service, which includes inland transport, forwarding facilities of cargoes in sea ports, agenting of freight vessels, chattering of vessels for cargo transportation by sea, barge river transportation and mixed communication between ports in all regions of the world. Our company helps our clients in choosing the most optimal port for cargo transfer, re-loading and to choose right marine and inland waterways tonnage for transportation, considering the volume and weight of the cargo shipment. We provide successful transportation of export and import cargoes from manufacturer / suppliers to ultimate consumer through several types of transport. We are working dedicatedly and efficiently on the scheme of “door-to-door”, which saves both our client’s time and labour.

Ruby quickly provides detailed, accurate and current pricing and services to anyone anywhere in the world.

We assist clients to determine the best load plan, packaging, markings, type of equipment, routing options, while weighing all the risks and benefits.

Control total journey management of consignments. Provide online day to day information so as to track the status of shipment.

Incorporate each country’s restrictions and documentation requirements into shipment plans.

Coordinate specialized services including third party warehousing, export packaging, spraying, fumigating and container purchases / stuffing / blocking and bracing.

We have developed efficient cooperation with international forwarding agencies and inland carriers – rail, road, river & sea companies, ports, road carriers which help us to deliver thousands tons of export / import cargoes of our country. From time onwards we have developed efficient system and cooperation with international forwarding agencies, shipping agencies, ports etc. We have number of offices throughout the country. We have partners / associate companies throughout the world who are having experience of more than 100 years in this field and internationally renowned. Please further note we have our associate in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Iraq, Russia, St. Petersburg, Ukraine.

Our Associates are member of International Federation of Forwarding Agencies (FIATA) and Baltic and International Maritime Conference (BIMCO).

Insurance & Consultancy Services

Marine Insurance:

We assist in processing claims on behalf of the client.

We offers competitive rates for comprehensive global marine insurance. Policies cover all risk, with no deductible by the client.

We arrange for a marine surveyor as required. Detailed marine survey reports are prepared at key points of handling enroute and presented to the client. Ruby's insurance policy requires that a marine survey must be performed at port of loading for all cargo with declared value of over US$ 1 Million.


We handles complex freight logistics worldwide, offers information about document requirements, normal inspection procedures, port / airport information and service details that may impact cost and delivery schedules.

Letters of credit are reviewed both during the client's contract negotiations and after the order is placed. This ensures that the documentation and transportation issues are achievable and in the best interests of the client. Ruby also acts as liaison with financial institutions on behalf of the client to ensure correct handling of said documents.

Our professionals assist clients in solving issues that arise during international contracts.

We offer procurement services for clients who have no local representation. Goods are purchased with approval from the client, marshaled, packaged and shipped as required.

We regularly reviews bid documents with clients to assist them in understanding and developing the most advantageous terms of sale (incoterms).

During the design and fabrication phase, we advise our clients on key issues including the most suitable locations and requirements for lifting and tie down points, how to minimize dimensions of cargo to reduce size and freight charges, and the most effective way to export package and consolidate cargo.

Export Packaging & Warehousing

Ruby also coordinates full export packing requirements on site at a supplier's facility, third-party warehouse, or at the port terminal prior to loading.

Ruby provides full warehousing facilities for cargo consolidation prior to shipment. Scope can range from single deliveries to multiple purchase orders.

Comprehensive services include:

A full range of services is available to prepare shipments for furtherance to final destinations by airfreight, container, liner service or charter.

We also arrange third-party inspections as required by contract or letters of credit

In-Plant Logistics

Ruby, as part of providing total Logistics solutions to the manufacturing units, have backwardly integrated in-plant logistics providing management of receipt, warehousing, dispatch of inbound and outbound raw material and finished goods, etc.

The operation and store management is completely IT based for easy identification of the product groups, quick retrieval and disposal, facilitating manufacturing and finished goods dispatches, most efficiently.

The job involves:

In the process of providing in-plant logistics services, we have positioned our own handing equipments and trained man-power including workers for round the clock operation.

Our transport and C & F department provide forward integration to reach the same upto the port (Export Cargo), clients’ nominated destinations, etc.